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Exploring Budapest!

July 21, 2017

Budapest is to-date my favourite city. There is an incredible amount of sightseeing to do and so many bars to go to, you could go to one a day for a year and still have plenty left over! My favourite thing about Budapest is that although its a city and there is no access to a beach you can still get a great tan and holiday feeling by visiting their many baths! The most popular baths are the Széchenyi Baths and this is where they hold the spa parties on Saturday nights 😉 During summer these tend to be very busy so I prefer to visit the Gellert baths (they also have a wave machine every hour which sways my decision).

Szechenyi thermal baths 2016!
Gellert Baths main pool

You can climb Budapest Gellert Hill to get the most amazing view of the city then walk along the side of the river to the castle and castle hill you can continue the whole way along to visit the island in the middle of the river. On the island you can hire bikes, visit the zoo and the rose gardens.

Gellert Hill view

Biking around the island! Cost around £5 for an hour 🙂

Walk along the edge of the river if you want to see their parliament building and the shoes (The Shoes on the Danube Bank) to honour the Jews that died during WW2:

The shoes along the river, WW2 memorial
Budapest Parliament Building

The food we had was all relatively cheap compared to the UK but our favourite restaurant was called Rustico! I got serenaded for the first time and had egg on pizza for the first time, I am truly sold on that one. Heres some pictures from the restaurant:

This is just a small snapshot from my visit (4 days) this year, theres plenty more to do that we didn’t have time for!




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