Brunch in York

Robinson’s Cafe Brunch, York

June 18, 2017

On the way to rowntree park last week, I walked past this little gem, Robinson’s cafe. It has a little outside seating area perfect for sunny days so you can eat brunch and top up your tan. This place is so good I went twice in a week! Seriously, if you are considering it check out the photos I took last time I was there and then you’re mind will be made up. As much as I love it here, one thing does annoy me. How do they create these perfectly shaped poached eggs? (see below). No matter how many times I swirl, add vinegar, plop them in gently mine are always random shapes that look a bit sad. Now every time I get poached eggs out I am reminded of this cooking failure and filled with the desperation to get better and make mine look nice. I can confirm that I have tried to get better and its just not working out for me. As a last ditch attempt my mum tried to teach me her ways at the weekend, with little success 🙁 If anyone has any egg tips, let me know!! I need them.

Robinson’s cafe: The eggs on toast, with added bacon and tomatoes!

The menu isn’t you’re typical brunch options; they still have the much needed American pancakes but also other options not usually found on other cafes menus, like sweetcorn fritters and chorizo hash! Most importantly for us students, these more unique options only cost around £7/8. The only thing stopping me eating here every week is my poor bank balance as the end of the university term draws in.

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