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June 8, 2017

This exam period has undoubtably been some of the hardest weeks of my life. Everyone knows that third year is gonna be hard but my god I did not think it would be this bad. There’s been a lot more downs that ups that is for sure. People don’t warn you quite how hard university is. Everyone expects so much from you, do all these extra curricular activities, get a first and get this unreal bikini body not only for summer but for the whole year.

I am the president of the Aerobics society, which don’t get me wrong I love, but during this exam period it has been a hugely stressful. Working 9-6 in the library, making dinner, showering then going to the classes is bad enough without having to ensure they all run properly. Room bookings seems to want to make my life absolute hell by messing up my bookings. Last week, the biggest event on campus had a room booked but they let me book it too and seemed to have no knowledge of said event. How is this even possible? The stress of this on-top of third year exam pressure is huge and I am more than glad that exams are now over!

You would think that being the president of a society requires someone who is very extroverted. When actually I am definitely an introvert until I know someone quite well. I had great fun doing the 16 personalities quiz earlier and comparing what everyone got. According to this test i am “The Logistician” which I think is pretty accurate. I am a very honest and open person so expect the raw gritty details of events, and if you don’t like those then reading this blog probably isn’t for you! At the moment Im really into my skincare because the stress of exams, and eating exam food has ruined my skin. Spots galoreeeeee. Also quite into my hair removal at the moment as its been so warm I’ve had to step it up, although to be fair York has pretty grim weather this week. So annoying during our exam period where I was stuck inside revising it was so nice and now its miserable. WHY. I’ll try to post weekly with a summary of the weeks food antics and maybe some days out if it ever stops raining!

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