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Disaster of a day

June 8, 2017

Today has been one of the worst days of my life. An absolute joke. Being hungover was I admit my own fault ill take the blame for that one. Punching my boyfriend in the cock probably wasn’t one of my best ideas, he’s quite annoyed. Woke up feeling awful with glitter absolutely everywhere, then I start to get cramp so thinking absolutely fucking great this is gonna be a fab day. Climb down my bed to the drawer to reach a tissue then bam I sneeze. Now I know you’re all sat there thinking why the hell is she telling me this what a waste of time but I tell you there could not be worse timing for that time of the month. Changing a bed is bad enough usually I’m so short I can barely even fit the duvet into the cover, nightmare. Hungover is a whole new ball game, wobbling all over the place. I can barely even stand up let alone match up the corners!


After this, I think right lets get into the shower and wash off the sins of last night. I go to brush my hair, because its super long and I can’t wash it if its knotty and I discover that someone has SPAT their chewing gum in my hair! Who even does that?! This gum is about 3 inches from the end of my hair so I didn’t really wanna have to cut it out. I tried to pick most of it out but I had to cut a chunk of hair off :(. At about 3pm I went arounds a friend house for a quick chat and a film and ended up staying until 8ish which really cheered me up, and I got to meet their adopted cat (super cute). So, all in all if you think you are having a bad day, just consider mine and it’ll make you feel a lot better about yours!

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